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Your access to German history & archives


What we can do for you

We can provide you with almost any document stored in historical und business archives in Germany, both in the original and translated into English; we are also able to research specific aspects of German history of interest to you. We conduct oral history interviews with experts and witnesses and can provide you with ready-to-publish English testimonials (as well as the original audio recordings).


How to get in touch with us

The best thing to do is to start by writing us an e-mail detailing your question and – if applicable – which documents you are looking for. We will reply as soon as possible stating whether we can help you, how much time we will need, and what the expected costs will be. Of course, there is no charge for this first step. Please note that we might have to decline your assignment due to time constraints or because we cannot help you with your specific question. In this case, you will receive a short note stating the reason for our refusal and suggesting alternative courses of action wherever possible.


Why you should consider timefab

We are professional business historians. Having worked for many organizations of various sizes, we know how to provide reliable answers. Our service is fast and risk-free.


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